Vol. 5 Num. 2 2013

The side effect of some pesticide alternatives on the population densities of the natural enemies of two piercing-sucking insect pests at the new valley province, Egypt
Gameel S. M. M.

Controlling of cotton leafworm using some manufacturing Botanical formulations
Amal A. Abd-Allah, Sondos A. Mohamed, Ahmed.G.El-Sisi

Influence of some plant extracts on Varroa mite and performance of honey bee Apis mellifera colonies
Al-Zarog A. A. and El-Bassiouny A. M.

Effect of Garlic and Eucalyptus oils in comparison to Organophosphatinsecticides against some Piercing-Sucking Faba bean insect Pests and natural enemies populations
Mousa K. M., I. A. Khodeir, T. N. El-Dakhakhni and A. E. Youssef

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